Frequently Asked Questions

When would I use a aeration / multi-stage blower and when would I use a centrifugal fan?

A centrifugal fan typically operates comfortably to about 150” wg of presssure. Or about 5 psi.

Higher pressures require higher “tip speed”. But as the tip speed increases to get to the higher pressures, we start to approach the allowable yield strength of the impellers metal.

Some specialty fans use higher tensile strength steel to handle the stress of the higher tip speed and these can extend the range up to about 250 in wg.

But above that 250 in wg pressure (about 9 psi) multi-stage blowers become the clear choice.

In the range of 150-250 they are also a very good fit as many fan manufacturers do not build in this range.


What sort of applications would one use a multistage blower?

Power Plants - Flue gas desulfurization

Industrial & Municipal Water Waste Treatment Plants -- Water Aeration
Auto Parts - Central vacuum cleaning systems
Floation Cells – Aeration
Refineries -- Sulfur recovery units
Fluidized Bed Systems
Petrochem – Carbon Black production.
Gas boosters for carbon dioxide, nitrogen, propane, natural gas.
Steam compressors for vapor recompression systems.
Electroplating - Agitation of Tanks.
Cement - Pneumatic conveying of cement


What is the maximum pressure of a multi-stage blower?

We can offer blowers that can go as high as 20 psi (at 15,000 cfm).

What is the maximum flow of a multi-stage blower?

We can source you blowers that go as high as 30,000 cfm (at 10 psi)


What Sort of Corriosion Protection can a Multi-stage blower come with?

Our centrifugal blowers can be coated with phenolics for enhanced corrosion protection and improved abrasion.